School Trip to Paris

Niagara christian community of school go on a trip to Paris  During summer vacation to learn history,art,and French. They raises money trough school activities and traveled by plane.

In this trip have the itinerary go to Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum,Cafes,and Markets to practice their French. They traveled by Tour bus with a guide and they can learn the history of the city too. Madame Rosa Trombley says,”I decided to get my students to Paris because, I studied French in high school and got to travel to France and it really made me love the language and culture.” and Mr.Baird who accompanied the trip fort his passport on the way to the airport. Mr.Baird says,”I almost missed the flight but I didn’t so we can laughed about it now.

The NCC student enjoyed their trip to Paris They saw many interesting buildings,paintings,and learned a lot of history Madame Trombley hopes to work with Mrs.Heath to organize a trip next year to Italy and Spain.


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