Want is OSSLT?

-The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test

-Students take this test in Grade 10. ( even if you don’t pass you can do in Grade 11,12 )

-Successful completion of the OSSLT is a requirement for the
Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

#( Tricks ) How to pass the test.

First start with New Report and Opinion Essay because it is main points

– New Report 20 m. { lead,who?,want?,when?,where?}   

– Opinion Essay 20 m. { first write ” In my opinion ” before you write anything }

Next thing you sold do is Reading. 

( before you reading you have to go to see question first it easy when you go back to reading because you now want you sold answer questions it help you to save time. )

3 Different Reading 

-Informational { Info/Topic(about Canadian) }

-Graphic { picture, advertiser, images }

-Narrative { ”  ” dialogue people talking }

When you finished Reading. you will have to answer Paragraph.

(In you paragraph you have to Remember Hamburgers. ) 




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