The Bible and Narnia #The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe (C. S. Lewis)

The character Aslan is widely as being based on Jesus Christ show about what Jesus done.
We see that in the movie the children call Son of Adam, And daughters of Eve. The white witch character show about Satan. By enticing a user to Meals on Wheels. Satan is the false image of a snake in Christianity that has deceived his father. Adam and Eve with the fruit in the Garden of Eden itself The author intentionally used the same thing on the wheel is to use food to create the same image. Food is just a symbol. The thing that worldly temptations and will leap toward human decency and betrays him. Both human and divine. Story about narnia show about Satan tempted Edmund to various things that he want to to eat same Adam and Eve.

Aslan’s resurrection on Stone Table clearly parallels the resurrection of Christ . And show what happened when Christ rose from the dead: God’s old covenant with man was replaced with a new covenant. Aslan’s suffering and death both renews and transforms the Deep Magic that governs the universe of Narnia


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